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Sverige udgivet to bogstaver domænenavne.

Swedish .se domain registry has set a good example for other countries. Swedes have decided to release the two-letter domain names within their country code domain .SE.

There are many more names which will be put up for auction by the Swedish registry this fall. Among them, in addition to two-letter names corresponding to national codes, you will find the names of countries. As we can read on webpage, soon there will be allowed for registration such addresses as,, or and

The list of blocked and claimed names for .se domain was created in 2003 when registration of .se domains became possible outside Sweden. Within the next three years, most of the names on the list will be accepted for registration. Furthermore, in 2006 the registry freed numerical domains, and two years later in 2008 geographic names. So far, the addresses were released on a first-come, first-served basis. This time, in accordance to the procedure laid down in 2013, names will be auctioned off and the profits from the auction will be donated to a number of initiatives related to the development of the Internet in Sweden.

Among the names blocked for registration or proprietary .se domain names, there are the following categories:

  • Combinations of digital format xxxxxx-xxxx
  • Two typos, followed by two hyphens,
  • National codes according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2,
  • Domain Test
  • Second-level domain,
  • The name of the scope of the Swedish law,
  • Swedish names of countries.